La Bonne Doula, LLC  is dedicated to serving women and their partners in pregnancy and their birthing journeys. The role of the birth doula is to comfort, support and educate a woman and her choices. Birth is an incredible experience in which a woman can learn so much about herself, her capabilities, and her strengths. Birth is not a pathological condition that needs to be managed. Often, intervention breeds further intervention and interferes with the birth process. The less intervention, the better it is for mom and baby. It is very important that women have a satisfying birth experience and only the woman herself knows what that is for her. Her decisions should be made based on knowledge of birth and the array of options available. It should not be based on fear or misunderstanding of or lack of options.
If the concerns that arise to pregnant women are dealt with prior to labor, she will be more likely to have a satisfying experience without fear. Doulas help women work through fears, explore optimal birthing options, comforts and suggests ways to aid in pregnancy and labor. If couples feel involved in the decision making during one of the most important times in their lives, they will approach labor with confidence and power. Assembling an appropriate birth support team is crucial.
A satisfying birth experience may affect how the new mother feels about herself, her baby and how she nurtures her family. Doulas support women and their partners so that this can be obtained. Doulas strive for couples to have the best birth possible for them and are always touched to be a part of this wonderful life-changing event.

Birth doula +lactation support packages are now available!  La Bonne Doula has partnered with Nova Doula & Lactation Services to help you and your family thrive during the ‘fourth trimester’.  The continuity of care provided during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period will enable you and your family to transition smoothly to life with a newborn and get your breastfeeding relationship off to a great start.  Ensuring you have the support you need during these times is vital.

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